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How Do You Get a Big Penis? Get All Your Questions Answered About Getting a Bigger Penis

Lots of men want to know how do you get a big penis. It is pretty obvious that for a man, his penis is extremely important. After all a penis is a man's most prized possession. Since men like to compare themselves to other men, it is inevitable that the sizes of the penises don't go unnoticed. If a man's dick does not measure up or does not meet the expectations a man has - realistic or not - then it can be quite depressing.

If a man is not happy being skinny, he can start weight training to bulk up or if he is not very stylish, he can get advice from a fashion expert to become stylish. But the common belief is that a man is stuck with their size and once he has gone through puberty, there is nothing they can do to enlarge the penis.

What should a man, who is not happy with his size, do then? 

Once that belief that you are not adequate enough or if there is a huge desire to get a big penis, it is impossible to brush it aside. The thing is though that the belief that a man is stuck with the penis they have is wrong. A man can significantly enlarge his manhood!

How do you get a big penis?

The answer is: with penile exercises!

 It is really frustrating if guy truly has the desire to get a bigger dick just to feel a bit better about himself and give himself a bit more confidence, gets negative comments when asking questions about penis enlargement methods and possibilities online. I am sure that the vast majority of guys who want to get a big penis, are not interested in growing a huge monster of a cock. Even an inch of extra length would be perfectly fine for most men!

Aaron Kemmer conducted a survey about how do you get a big penis with penile exercises, which was the first of its kind in 2005, where close to a thousand men participated. The results of this survey showed that the guys who exercised their penis for 3 months and more, gained on average of 1 inch in length and 0.5 inches in girth. When you transfer these measurements into volume then is shows that the guys were able to increase the size of their dicks by almost 50%.

Author Gary Griffin in his book Penis Enlargement Methods, cited a study with similar results. This study, which can be found in the book Penis Enlargement Methods, was conducted by Dr. Brian Richards way back in 1975. This study was also sent for publication to the British Journal of Sexual Medicine and also the British Medical Journal.
So in the study of Dr. Brian Richards, 30 men enrolled in a penis enlarging program which consisted of penis exercises. The study itself lasted for three months and when the study was over twenty eight men out of the thirty who started showed significant gains in size. The average length increase was 1.125 inches and girth increase was 1 inch. You can check out lots of forums such as PEgym where countless men have used exercises to get a bigger penis. These exercises really do work!

Penis enlargement is not a quick fix!

Lots of men who ask questions such as "How do you get a big penis?" believe or want to believe that somehow it is possible to grow a big cock overnight. This of course is totally false. So many men get this idea that penis enlargement is a quick fix from the tons of email spam and enlargement advertisements. It is because of these sites that most people believe penis enlargement is not possible. So can you really increase penis size by 2 inches in just 2 weeks?

Yes, it is possible to gain 2 inches but gaining it in 2 weeks is certainly out of the question. Gaining 2 inches in 1-2 years is more accurate for the average man. Just like you can not build huge muscles overnight, you also can not get a big dick overnight. Just like with all exercises, the process of self-improvement takes determination and time.

 If you do have these two traits then gaining 1-2 inches is only a matter of time.
It is certainly possible to gain 2 inches or even more but it does takes many months to a year to achieve that. Every man is different and there are lots of factors that determine how much or how fast you can make gains.

How do you get a big penis - Learn how penile exercises work!
As I mentioned before penile exercises for penis enlargement are proven to work and there are more and more men who do these exercises not only to get a big penis but also to increase their stamina or to cure premature ejaculation - penile exercises have many benefits!

Penile exercises are totally natural and they work by stimulating the growth of new cells in the penis, especially in the corpora cavernosa and also by stretching the penile ligaments.

The special exercises that you do, create pressure inside the penis which creates new cells inside the penis and after a few weeks of exercising noticeable gains can already be noticed.
The corpora cavernosa which are 2 chambers that go from the base of the penis to the head of the penis. When a man has an erection these two chambers get filled with blood which results in an erect penis. The two chambers of the corpora cavernosa are largely responisble for the thickness and size of the penis when it is erect.

Not only do penile exercises stimulate the corpora cavernosa, but these exercises also stimulate the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. This muscle is responsible for controlling the ejaculation. The more this muscle is exercised, the more a man can increase his staying power and therefore enhance his sexual performance.
Just like when exercising other areas of the body such as legs with squats for example, you get more than one benefit!

Not only do your legs get bigger and stronger when doing squats but other muscle groups too, as well as the cardiovascular system.When you exercise and stimulate the various ligaments, muscles and tissues around and inside the penis, you can get much more benefits than just an increase in length or girth.

One of the side benefits of penile exercises is the improved blood circulation in the area. The better the circulation is, the stronger, harder and more long lasting your erections will be. It is also possible to get more control over your ejaculations and even achieve dry orgasms.

How do you get a big penis - An example

There are lots of penis enlargement and enhancement exercises and to really make progress you must follow a proper program. But there is a very simple exercise you can do right now. For this exercise you only need about 15 minutes and a was cloth!
  1. First of get yourself a full erection.
  2. Put the wash cloth near and on top of the base of the erect penis.
  3. Flex the penis so that it lifts the towel just a bit, then relax it, while brining the towel back to its original position.
This exercise is best to be done for 25 reps for beginners and performed every other day. This exercise works the PC muscle really well and you might need to practice before you can do the 25 repetitions. The more you keep doing this exercise the stronger your PC muscle gets.

There are tons of more various squeezing and stretching exercises which all make the penis bigger. I am sure that every man can find 15-20 minutes a day for performing these exercises over a 3-4 month period. If you really take this seriously and follow a proper penis enlargement program, your penis could well be an inch or more longer in 3-4 months.

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